were is pefelie.org ?

pefelie.org is in facial and mental reconstruction after some heavy punches in the face….

17 comments on “were is pefelie.org ?
  1. roxana says:

    Multumim pentru suportul oferit chiar si in regim de avarie. Succes la chirurgia plastica!

  2. musac says:

    succes si multa bafta

  3. fcKINGcuc says:

    hai aurele cu site-ul

  4. tilioi says:

    Multumesc. Chiar daca nu sunt multe comentarii, cu siguranta site-ul a avut, are si va avea multi vizitatori. Intotdeauna l-am considerat ca un site valoros. Cele mai bune urari!

  5. rockabilly says:

    good to see u back in action i hope u can fix it soon 🙂 good luck

  6. Ariciu' says:

    Se vede ca statul paralel e sub asaltul oamenilor de bine, dar urmarirea piratilor tre’ sa continue.

  7. Iondelaraion says:

    Na’ asa Aurele tata, nu te lasa !
    Stim noi ca nu te dai tu batut pana nu termini cu bine, asa ca :

  8. Anonymous says:

    Our pray with you!

  9. Amethyst says:

    our pray be with you!

  10. Yago says:

    Was worried it will never comeback..
    Can’t wait, best website!

  11. Yago says:

    I do wonder though how one can register on this website..
    I saw there is a “Member” area and it was there before the site went down, but couldn’t find an option to sign up.

  12. bibicu says:

    Spor la muncă! Succes!

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    Pray for you friend…Shalom

  15. Arsalan afghan says:

    glad to see you back
    you are doing great job..
    be successful in all aspects of your life

  16. Just awesome says:

    this was the website with best collection,i am waiting for it to go up asap.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Good luck

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